Other gender-affirming therapies


  • Most MAC make-up counters are staffed by people with experience working with gender-diverse people. To find the store closest to you, visit https://www.maccosmetics.ca/stores. Note that your individual experience may vary.
  • Provici Cosmetics: https://www.facebook.com/Provici/.
  • Permanent make-up: Dermagraphics At Lesley’s, 1767A Portage Ave., P:204-487-6765 

Hair removal

Hair removal can be achieved by laser or electrolysis. The BC Transgender Health Information Program has more information about hair removal for trans people.


  • Leon Waye. Hair removal for trans women–of the face, neck, and chest–is covered by Manitoba Health with a prescription, when performed by Dr. Waye.
  • Evelyn Woodward – Electrologist, 562 Langside Street, P:204-774-2300
  • Dermagraphics At Lesley’s, 1767A Portage Ave., P:204-487-6765


Electrolysis and laser

  • Marcia at Genie Hair Removal Solutions: 3-1311 Portage Ave., P:204-779-0909
  • Laura at Park Avenue Salon. 1897 Portage Ave. P:204-981-1700. Sliding scale.

Voice Therapy

The BC Transgender Health Information Program has more information about changing speech for trans people.

  • Colleen Braun-Janzen and the Speech-Language Pathology department at Deer Lodge Centre. Services available to both feminizing and masculinising clients, and there is an information sheet specifically about services currently available to trans women(PDF). No charge if referred by a health care provider; tell your provider to use the WRHA SLP Referral Form. P:204-831-2526.
  • Christine at SpeechWorks. B1–101 11 Evergreen Place, P:204-231-2165. You will need a referral from your health care provider, and either private insurance or private funds.
  • Online resources are not recommended due to the risk of injury. If your only access to services is online and you would like to try out a resource, the two most commonly used are by Deep Stealth and Kathe Perez. Discontinue at the first sign of strain or injury.

Prosthetics and Binders

The BC Transgender Health Information Program has more information about binding, packing, tucking, and padding.

Breast forms and tuckers/gaffs for trans women

Packers and binders for trans men

Other therapies and resources

Wigs for Trans Women

Alternative Hair Fashions, St Vital area, P:204-254-1300