Health Care Providers – Trans Health Klinic

The Basics

Making your practice welcoming for trans people

Assessing for gender dysphoria

Providing care to patients desiring gender-affirming treatment

Hormones – Information for providers

Surgeries – Information for providers – PDF

Other gender-affirming therapies: hair removal, voice therapy, etc.


Feminizing Hormone Consent Form – PDF

Masculinizing Hormone Consent Form – PDF

Template letter for trans men – Word Doc

Template letter for trans women – Word Doc

MB Hormone Price Guide – PDFResources

Local resources

Rainbow Resource Centre

Gender Dysphoria Assessment and Action for Youth (GDAAY) Clinic

Other resources

Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH)

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

Sherbourne Health Centre – Toronto

Transgender Health Information Program – Vancouver

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health – San Francisco

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health E-Learning– San Francisco 

Trans Health Guide – Rainbow Health Ontario

GRS Montreal

Trans Health Klinic Learners

  • The trans health klinic promotes capacity building by encouraging health care provider learners to shadow the trans health team
  • If you are a trans health klinic learner, please refer to the following resources for preparation prior your shadow shifts

Guidelines / Fact Sheets 

Free modules/webinars/videos