Evolve Family Violence Counselling

Domestic abuse has many effects on us and our relationships. However, people are often unsure if what they are experiencing is abuse. Abuse is a pattern of behaviours that creates feelings of fear and may include:

  • Physical Abuse: Slapping, pushing, hitting, throwing objects or using a weapon, denying food or medications, etc.
  • Verbal Abuse: Name-calling, threats, criticizing or humiliating a partner, etc.
  • Financial Abuse: Controlling how money is spent, not allowing partner to work or have money, etc.
  • Sexual Abuse: Unwanted sexual touching, forcing partner into sexual acts, pressuring partner to get pregnant, etc.

Someone who has experienced abuse often feels fearful, anxious and may feel like there is something wrong with them. They may not realize that these feelings could be a result of abuse in the relationship. Over time, abuse can create feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, self-blame, lowered self esteem, powerlessness, loss of security, uncertainty and shame.

Evolve Women’s Program:

The Evolve Women’s Program offers counselling to women who have experienced physical, sexual, emotional, financial or verbal abuse in an intimate relationship. Women may be experiencing abuse by their current partner or the abuse may have occurred in the past.

Counselling sessions can help women to explore their current safety/protection needs and recover from the effects of domestic abuse. Individual and group counselling sessions are available.

Evolve Men’s Program:

The Evolve Men’s Program is open to anyone who is concerned that their behavior is hurting their relationship and the people they care about. The purpose of the program is to support men who want to stop behaving abusively with their partners.

The first stage of the program involves an open group educational format that focuses on decreasing abusive behavior and increasing respectful interactions in relationships. The second stage of the program involves a 20-week closed therapy group where men explore issues related to domestic abuse in greater depth.