Brandon and Area Suicide Bereavement Support Group

The emotions of coping with the death of a loved one by suicide are unlike those following other deaths. They are however, shared by those who have lived through the suicide of a parent, spouse, sibling, or friend.

There are no professional counselors here, the Support Group is made up of people who have “been there” and found help and encouragement in knowing they are not alone in coping with a death by suicide. It is a safe place to ask questions, to share stories, and to be reassured that you are not going crazy. There is no right way or time in which to handle grief.

The help offered by the Suicide Bereavement Group is as individual as the grieving process itself. For some, just a phone call may help. Some may find one or two meetings can get healing on the way. For others, it may take years. Wherever you’re at, we are here to help.