Elevating Trauma-Informed Care: MTIEC’s New Website is Live!

Two years ago, the world was forced to take a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC), like many programs and services, came to a temporary halt. It was a moment for us to step back and look at new ways to reach service providers in Manitoba who were looking for resources and trainings on how to be trauma informed. With the support of an anonymous donor and the management team, we reimagined the MTIEC and the Public Education programs to deliver services virtually, as well as completely rewriting the trauma-informed website, trauma-informed.ca.

The first launch of our two websites trauma-informed.ca and trauma-recovery.ca a decade ago, sought to reach out to Manitobans seeking information on trauma-informed care and recovery. This was a direct result of a forum in 2007 where service providers from throughout the province gathered to break through the isolation of working with trauma survivors. We aimed to connect helpers and service providers in the province. Since that forum, the trauma-informed website became outdated and needed an overhaul.

Fast forward to today as we make our way out of Covid-19, we are pleased to present the newly revised website that combines both older sites making it easier for folks to navigate. We know that trauma-informed care is more important than ever. We believe that it is essential that all service providers cultivate a safe and supportive environment for everyone they serve, including those who have experienced trauma, and the people who care for them.

We are grateful to share some of the highlights of our new website, including new information on key areas of focus for trauma-informed care such as:

  • Informational articles and research on trauma-informed care
  • Evidence-based best practices
  • Guidance for change at the individual and organizational level
  • Trauma-informed care training opportunities

What does the future hold for MTIEC? We hope to continue to support the Manitoba Trauma Network, building partnerships throughout the province. We will continue to connect service providers and trauma survivors with resources, supports, services, and workshops and trainings.

Thank you for your continued support of our shared mission to provide trauma-informed care to all those in need. By offering compassion and understanding, we foster connection, provide hope, and enhance resiliency in ourselves, our organizations, and the people and communities we serve.

Best regards,
Nadia and Vycki

Nadia La Rosa (she/her)
Coordinator, MTIEC


Vycki Atallah
Public Education Coordinator
MTIEC Trainer