Teen Klinic

Teen Klinic is available Monday evenings from 4:00 to 8:00pm. Please call (204) 784-4090 to make an appointment. We are also open for a limited number of walk-in appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Welcome to Teen Klinic

Teen Klinic provides primary health care services to youth aged 12-22. This is a safe, caring environment where no one will judge you because of your age, gender, appearance, or sexual orientation.

Services at Klinic are confidential* which means that your visits are just between you and your health care providers at Klinic. You do not need the consent of your parent or guardian to attend and, if you wish, you may bring a friend, parent, or guardian with you to Klinic.

Common reasons for visiting Teen Klinic:

  • Birth Control/contraception (free and low cost options available)
  • Wounds, injuries or rashes,
  • Pregnancy testing, birth control, insertion of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (IUS, Implant), prenatal care or abortion referrals
  • STI testing
  • Depression, anxiety, mental health concerns and counselling
  • General medical care
  • Feeling sick, bladder infection, ear or throat infection
  • Referral to a specialist
  • Vaccines
  • Connection to support services
  • Information about nutrition
  • Free condoms

*The only exception to Klinic’s confidentiality policy would be in the case of a young person being at risk and in need of protection.

What type of Information Will You Need to Give?

It is important to use your legal name, as it appears on your health card, when you come to Klinic. No nicknames or slang please. It is important to provide us with a phone number that Klinic staff may call you at. Klinic staff will only contact you if your tests need to be repeated, if you need medication, if you have an infection, or if the call is medically necessary.


If any of the links listed below need to be updated, please let us know by emailing communications@klinic.mb.ca.  Manitoba 211 maintains up to date information about resources in Manitoba. Manitoba (211.ca)

Emergency and Crisis Services

Emergency Medical Care

Urgent Mental Health Support

  • Crisis Response Centre – Shared Health: Central point of access for people 18 years and older in Winnipeg experiencing a mental health crisis, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit 817 Bannatyne Ave or you can call the Mobile Crisis Service at 204-940-1781.

Sexual Assault and Intimate Images Support

  • Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Line:1-888-292-7565 or (204) 786-8631 (24 hours) Counselling, information, support and advocacy concerning sexual assault.
  • You are not alone: List of supports available to sexual assault survivors in Manitoba.
  • needhelpnow.com: Support for teens to stop spread of sexual pictures or videos

Support for Families and Children

Mental Health and Social Service Support Lines

  • Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 or text 686868
  • Trans Lifeline: 1-877-330-6366 peer support phone service run by trans people for trans and questioning queers.
  • Klinic Crisis Line:1-888-322-3019 or (204) 786-8686 (24 hours) Provides counselling, support and information for people in crisis or distress.
  • Manitoba Suicide Prevention and Support Line:1-877-435-7170 (24 hours) Counselling/info for people thinking about suicide or affected by another’s thoughts/ attempts of suicide.
  • Ray Inc:1-800-668-4663 or (204) 783-5617 (24 hours) Services for youth who have left home up to the age of 29.

Mental Health Services

  • Huddle: Youth hubs offering a safe drop-in space offering free, trauma-informed and culturally safe health services for young people aged 12 – 29.
  • Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre: A full continuum of programs and services, both community and hospital based, are available to children, adolescents and their families. Services range from brief interventions to intensive long-term treatment. Through centralized intake, parents, caregivers, doctors and/or counsellors can make a referral. Self-referrals are also accepted.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness: Free online course designed to help people 18 years and older to build resilience and improve mental wellness.
  • Bounce Back: Free mental health coaching program designed to help adults and youth 13+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry.

Sexual Health Resources

  • Klinic Community Health:
    • Sexual Assault Crisis Program: Support for anyone 16 years of age and older who has experienced sexual assault.
    • Project Choices: Free program that explores alcohol, sex and birth control.
    • Teen Klinic: Provides primary care, including sexual and reproductive health care services to youth aged 12-22.
    • STI Klinic: Provides non-judgmental, sex positive testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Sex & U – Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Provides accurate, credible, and up-to-date information and education on topics related to sexual and reproductive health.
  • Teen Talk – Sexuality Education Resource Centre:  Youth Health Education Program that provides services and information for youth from a harm reduction, prevention education perspective.
  • Women’s Health Clinic: Provides sexual and reproductive healthcare and counselling including surgical and medical abortions and pregnancy care.
  • Women’s Hospital – Health Sciences Centre: Offers pregnancy counselling and options including abortion.
  • Teen Clinic – NorWest Co-op Community Health: Free, confidential and non-judgmental health services for teens.

Addiction Services

  • Addictions Foundation of Manitoba – Youth and Adult Services: A range of supportive services for young people 12 – 18 years of age.
  • Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit – Marymound: Provides a short-term service to youth and young adults under the age of 21. To refer yourself or have a parent/guardian make a referral, call the Centralized Intake for Youth Addictions Services at 1-877-710-3999.

Community Outreach Programs