Evolve Family Violence Counselling

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse has many effects on individuals, families and society. People are often unsure whether their relationship is abusive, particularly if there is no physical aggression in the relationship. Domestic abuse can be obvious, as with physical violence, or more subtle, as with emotional abuse. Domestic abuse usually refers to a persistent pattern of abusive behaviors and often these behaviors intensify over time. Fear, anxiety, isolation, powerlessness, shame, and hopelessness can make it very difficult for people in situations of domestic abuse to talk about it or reach out for help.

How Can Counselling Help?

Counselling is a process of helping someone to make the changes they would like to make in their lives. Counselling can differ from talking to family and friends in that counsellors are trained to be neutral, keep information confidential and have skills to help people learn about themselves. In the non-judgemental environment of counselling sessions, people can receive the understanding and support that they need to clarify issues, explore options, develop strategies, practice new skills and ultimately, make change.

Women’s Evolve

Women’s Evolve provides counselling to women who have experienced emotional, verbal, physical, sexual or financial abuse in an intimate partner relationship. Women may be experiencing abuse by a current partner or the abuse may have occurred in a past relationship.

Domestic abuse counselling can help women to explore their current safety/protection needs and to deal with the effects of domestic abuse. Individual and group counselling are available.

Men’s Evolve

Men’s Evolve provides counselling to men who are concerned that their behavior is hurting their relationship and the people they care about. These behaviors may be occurring with a current partner or in a past relationship.

Domestic abuse counselling can help men to decrease abusive behavior and increase respectful interactions in relationships. Group counselling and individual counselling are available.

Family Counselling

Although people often believe that children are not affected by domestic abuse, they are. Domestic abuse can affect how adults parent and how children feel and behave. An important component in preventing domestic abuse from spreading across generations is to provide support and counselling to children.

Evolve provides counselling to parents and children in situations where domestic abuse is currently an issue or has occurred in the past. Counselling can help families to increase resiliency, strengthen relationships and develop new patterns.

For more information about our counselling services:

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