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Health Care Klinics

With an emphasis on prevention, health promotion and education, we address the needs of the individual, helping our clients make informed choices about their health. Klinic primary health care services are provided for individuals and families, teens, adults and geriatrics within our geographic community and for priority populations.


If you are suicidal, in crisis or struggling to cope, we are here for you. Our team is a call away. Klinic offers 24/7 confidential counselling through our Crisis Line and Manitoba Suicide Prevention & Support Line. We also offer support to farm, rural and northern communities through phone and online counselling. If you have experienced a sexual assault Klinic offers 24/7 confidential support and counselling through our Sexual Assault Crisis Line


Through Teen Talk, Project CHOICES and a wide range of education workshops and training programs, we aim to educate all members of the community about diversity, sexuality, mental health, substance abuse, dating violence, sexually transmitted infections and more.

Your rights and responsibilities

What to expect and what we expect

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Condoms for Agencies! Available for non profit organizations. More info & eligibility (PDF)


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