Specialized Services

Klinic offers many specialized services to their clients

Dietitian / Certified Diabetes Educator

Dietitian services are available for people wanting information on diet and nutrition related to particular health needs including hypertension, diabetes or obesity.
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Latent TB Klinic

Identifying and treating Latent TB is essential to controlling the disease, especially within the first year of diagnosis. Our Latent TB Klinic can help.
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Mobile Withdrawal Management Services

The Mobile Withdrawal Management Service (MWMS) supports people wanting to detox from a substance they are using.
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Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling

Services are provided by a reproductive health nurse who can guide and advise you on the multitude of decisions you will need to face.
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Transgender Health Klinic

These services are offered by our inter­-professional team, which includes physicians, dietitians, nurse practioners, nurses, social workers and medical assistants. We also collaborate with psychologists and psychiatrists when applicable to support the transition process.
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