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The wait time to get into the program is 1 year. So, we encourage you to support your client by initiating hormone therapy because it’s within your scope of practice as a primary care provider and “there is a potential for harm by denying access to appropriate treatments” (The Standards of Care V7, World Professional Association of Transgender Health, 2011,  p.55).

About the Trans Health Klinic 

Team Approach

  • The team consists of medical assistant, peer supporter, nurse coordinator, nurses, medical practitioners (physicians and nurse practitioners), and psychologist
  • We use a shared care model to ensure timely access for clients

Transitioning Care Clinic

  • We provide care to gender diverse individuals 16 years of age and older seeking transitioning care (hormone start, procedures, and surgery)
  • Once the client reaches their medical transition needs, we will transfer the care back to the primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner). The primary care provider will continue to prescribe and hormone therapy, and this can be done while the client is seeing us for care as well
  • We DO NOT provide primary care, urgent care, or emergency care
  • We require our clients to have a primary care provider, for example a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor.
  • If the client does not have a primary care provider, they should contact Family Doctor Finder:

Client’s Journey at Trans Health Klinic

Our Peer Support Worker is available for support or questions at any point along the client’s journey.


Transfer of Care

  • Once the client is at a stable dose of their hormone therapy, care will be transferred to their primary care provider
  • Trans health practitioners will send a formal transfer of care letter to primary care providers which details trans health lab monitoring and primary care screening guidelines

Referral and Consultation

  • If you are sending a referral, please include the client’s chosen name and pronouns and personal phone number.
  • If you are a health care provider seeking consultation for hormone therapy adjustment or dosing, please fax a letter to Klinic or send an e-consult
  • Since practitioners utilize a shared care model, address the consultation letter as, Attention: Trans Health Klinic Practitioner

Trans Health Klinic Learners

  • The Trans Health Klinic promotes capacity building by encouraging health care provider learners to shadow the trans health team

The Basics

Guidelines/Fact Sheets

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Primary Care & Hormone Therapy

Guidelines/Fact sheets

Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Mental Health 

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Manitoba Health Requirements

Manitoba Health requires a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria (GD) for surgeries to be funded.

    • Manitoba Health requires 1 referral letter by one of Klinic’s providers that are on both approved provider lists for Health Professionals as well as Mental Health Professional to confirm GD.
    • Your medical practitioner may refer you to the psychologist if you are wanting a surgery referral
    • Your psychologist will perform an in-depth assessment for surgical readiness
    • Your referrals will be sent to the surgeon and Manitoba Health

Trans Health Klinic Referral Process

  • Step 1: Must be a client at the Trans Health Klinic to request voice training, hair removal, top/upper surgery, bottom/lower surgery
  • Step 2: Request a referral from a trans health practitioner during a visit
  • Step 3: Trans health practitioner may refer a client to an in-house psychologist for a surgical readiness assessment (1 year wait time) OR the client can seek a private psychologist (we have a list that clients can see)
  • Step 4: Client will attend their surgical readiness assessment
  • Step 5: Psychologist and trans health practitioners will write their referral letters
  • Step 6: Referral letters will be sent to an approved Manitoba health surgeon or GRS Montreal surgeon and Manitoba Health

Procedure/Surgery/Social Transitioning Coverage

Clients must pay up front for their transportation costs to Montreal. Keep receipts & plane tickets for reimbursement by Manitoba Health.

Surgery Information

Medical Forms

Local Resources