Reporting a Sexual Assault

Should You Report to the Police?

One of the first decisions to make is to decide whether or not to involve the police. For the most part, you have the right to make this decision. The exceptions to this are:
1) If the victim has been sexually assaulted by a past or current intimate or domestic partner and the police become aware of it. In this circumstance, the Winnipeg Police Service policy on domestic violence requires police to proceed with an investigation if there are reasonable grounds to believe the victim was sexually assaulted.
2) The sexual assault involved a child under 16 years old. In these cases, the police must become involved and proceed with an investigation.

Do what feels best for you and what meets your needs, not anyone else’s.

Third Party Reporting

The SACP is able to receive third party reports from survivors of sexual assault 16 years and older anywhere in Manitoba. Third party reporting is a process where a survivor is able to pass on information about the sexual assault they experienced to the police without having to speak directly to the police or make a formal report. In this process the survivor completes a form with the support of a SACP worker, and this information is sent off to police without the survivor’s identifying information. If police would like to speak directly to the survivor, they will contact SACP with that request and we would reach out to the survivor on their behalf – at this time it is still the survivor’s decision whether or not they would like to speak directly with police. Please note that absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when the offender is an intimate partner, or when there is a duty to report on child abuse matters. If you have any questions about these limitations to confidentiality please call us for more clarification.

For more information on third party reporting please contact our 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 204-786-8631 or toll free at 1-888-292-7565.

If you live outside of the city and would like to complete a third party report over the phone, please call our toll free number.

If you live in Winnipeg and would like to make an appointment to complete a third party report, please call 204-784-4049

Please note: all third party reports are collected in English. If English is not your first language and you require a translator present at the time you make a report, please express this when you schedule your appointment so that this can be set up in advance.

What if You Do Decide to Report?

Try to preserve any evidence you can. Try not to wash, bathe, douche, change, or destroy your clothes. Try not to alter the area where the assault occurred.
Even if you have done any of the above, it may still be possible for police to collect evidence.
Call the police. They will ask you to give details of the assault.
In some cases, specially trained detectives (such as the Sex Crimes Unit) may become involved.

You can report a sexual assault at anytime, with or without evidence.

The law in Canada recognizes three levels of sexual assault, each showing an increasing degree of physical injury or potential for physical injury.
For more information visit the Winnipeg Police Service’s Sex Crimes Unit.

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