Wellness & Support Groups

Klinic support groups are designed to promote greater life balance, helping you be calmer, quieter and more self-compassionate in your daily life.

Our support groups provide an environment where you and others experiencing similar concerns can find support and assistance. Whether you are recovering from a traumatic event or looking to reclaim a sense of control or spirituality in your life, connecting with others going through the same process can be extremely powerful.

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers is a program for women and transgender individuals transitioning from the sex trade, providing a safe and supportive place to start your healing journey.

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Life In Balance

We are dedicated to promoting wellness through greater life balance. From the power of meditation to the importance of sleep, diet and coping strategies, these workshops are intended to enhance your ability to be calmer, quieter and more spiritual.

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Project Choices

Project CHOICES is a free program that explores alcohol, sex and birth control. It is a brief service that offers information and individualized feedback to help women make healthy decisions for themselves about alcohol use and contraception.

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