Becoming a Klinic Volunteer

Volunteers have been a critical part of Klinic for many, many years. Volunteers make a huge impact on the amount of calls that we are able to answer on our phone lines, and more recently have also helped provide extra screening and kindness to people visiting our our office.

Klinic is currently accepting new applications to volunteer in our Crisis and Sexual Assault Crisis volunteer programs, as well as our Welcome Volunteer program!

Check out the links below to find out more about these opportunities and to fill out an application form!

Crisis Program

Volunteer counsellors in the Crisis Program provide telephone crisis counselling on Klinic’s 24-hour crisis lines. Volunteer counsellors provide emotional support, referrals to resources, and the opportunity for callers to feel heard, understood, and connected. Find out more…….

Sexual Assault Crisis Program (SACP)

The Sexual Assault Crisis Program (SACP) supports survivors through all stages of their healing journey and volunteers play a key role in this important service.  Volunteering in SACP allows people to experience providing both telephone-based crisis counselling, as well as in-person peer support and advocacy to people who have experienced a sexual assault or have been impacted by the sexual assault of another person. Find out more…..

Welcome Volunteers

Our Welcome Volunteers play the very important role of welcoming clients and community members into our office at 167 Sherbrook, keeping our front reception area organized and comfortable, and helping to ensure that Klinic staff and our visitors are following proper steps to keep our community healthy and safe.  Find out more….