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Seniors Abuse Support Line
When Someone You Know Has Been Sexually Assaulted
Community Drop-In Counselling Program

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Hummingbird Program (formerly: Sexual Assault Crisis Program)
When Somebody Dies by Suicide
Evolve Men’s Program
Evolve Women’s Program (Domestic Abuse Counselling)  
The Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC)
Prevention of Suicide in Older Adults

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Klinic Walk-In Service

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Gatekeeper Support FAQ
Manitoba Suicide Prevention & Support Line
Seniors Abuse Support Line

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Klinic Community Health
Manitoba  Suicide Prevention & Support Line
Trauma Informed
Trauma Recovery

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Human Trafficking Hotline


“Trauma-informed: The Trauma Toolkit “ Cost: $15.00 each Order Form
The Trauma Toolkit, which was designed for service organizations, health care facilities and individual service providers, is intended to help organizations ensure that the services they offer are trauma-informed and sensitive to the needs of people who are trauma-affected. The Toolkit can be viewed and downloaded (at no charge), in its entirety on the website,

“Voices of Healing and Hope, Exiting the Sex Trade in Winnipeg” Cost: $15.00 each
This DVD, titled “Voices of Healing and Hope, Exiting the Sex Trade in Winnipeg”, tells the story of four courageous women and the challenges they faced in leaving the sex trade. The DVD is accompanied by a facilitators guide and is intended to increase awareness among organizations and service providers of the needs and circumstances of women in or exiting the sex trade.

Trauma-informed Toolkit ( )
All resource items listed above are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The following sites offer additional links to sites that Klinic Community Health has found useful

Health Related

Get Better Together!
Critical Incident Reporting and Support Line (CIRSL)
Manitoba Harm Reduction Network

 211 Manitoba

211 Manitoba provides information on health and social services throughout the province. The information is provided by the services/organizations listed in the database.