Dream Catchers

What is Dream Catchers?

Dream Catchers is a program for women and transgender individuals transitioning from the sex trade, providing a safe and supportive place to start your healing journey. Weekly support groups are confidential and private, focusing on the following skills:

  • Managing overwhelming emotions
  • Recognizing risky situations
  • Setting boundaries
  • Preventing relapse of harmful behaviours (using, cutting, unprotected sex, etc.)
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Achieving reasonable goals
  • Setting employment and educational goals
  • Connecting with cultural traditions that create well-being
  • Empowering women to find their voices: “to speak their truth”

These skills are explored in group sessions where you will have the opportunity to share experiences, discuss choices and discover ways to take what we learn back to our lives. We also provide opportunities for participants to practise skills that calm the body and strengthen spiritual connection.

Participants experience new ways of coping with life’s challenges through:

  • Trust, friendship and well-being
  • Less harm from addictions, abuse and other dangers from life on the street
  • Increased opportunities

Dream Catchers is a sacred sisterhood of peer-supported, strong, healing women – getting their power back.


Please Join Clan Mothers Healing Village as we unveil a matriarchal Indigenous-led response and solution to sexual exploitation and sex trafficking informed by national lived experience leadership. experientialvoices.ca

For further information, please check out the Clan Mothers Healing Village website at clanmothers.ca to donate or to find out how to get involved.