With 33 years of experiences in nursing, including general duty, teacher, and provincial program coordinator, Nora brings expertise with program development, patient and family education, team building and collaborating with stakeholders to support families to safely, successfully care for loved ones in the home. She has been a part of the Klinic Board of Directors for 10 years and had served as Vice-Chairperson for 2 years.

Nora is passionate about community health, reciprocal education, preventative health care and building healthy communities. Klinic demonstrates leadership in community health, working collaboratively with stakeholders to improve health care for Manitobans.

Nora received the following awards, while coordinating The Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program, reflecting the level of the satisfaction of the stakeholders involved:

1999 Canadian Hemophilia Society Award of Appreciation

2001 Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses Award for Excellence                       Professional Nursing DIRECT CARE

2006 Health Sciences Centre Special Achievement Award for                                                      Professional Nursing