With 25 years of experience as a Union Rep. (Shop Steward, Education Director, Newsletter Editor, Human Rights Activist, Workers’ Compensation Advocate), Terrance Machalek Sr. brings considerable diversified expertise to the Klinic Board of Directors, which he has been a part of for 13 years. He was presented with an award in 2004 at the C.A.W. Training Facility in Port Elgin, ON., for his Gay-Lesbian Rights Activism.

Terrance has also been a free-lance magazine photographer for 44 years.  His awards include:   W.F.I.A. Professional Photographer of the Year – Kansas City, MO. Convention – August 7-10, 1985   W.F.I.A. Best Fan Club Publication (General) – Birmingham, Al. Convention – August 6-10, 1987     W.F.I.A. Best Fan Club Publication (Results) – Birmingham, AL. Convention – August 6-10, 1987. His photos and articles have appeared in magazines, books and online websites since 1973.

Terrance is passionate about community health for several reasons. He was born in a community hospital in the days before everyone was entitled to free healthcare. He strongly believes that everyone should have access to good reliable healthcare no matter their status.

He joined Klinic on the urgings of relatives and friends who felt that he had something to offer.  His hopes are that Klinic will continue to be one of the leading healthcare providers in Manitoba supported by government (municipal and provincial).

He is/was on several community service groups.  In 2007 he was awarded by Lt. Gov. John Harvard for his work as a Peer Leader / Volunteer, “In Recognition for Your Contribution To Older Adults In Manitoba”.

Terrance lives in Winnipeg and loves to spend time cruising/travelling with his wife, Willie. They have two children, Natasha (Registered Nurse) and Terrance II (Winnipeg Police Service).