Guest Blog: Recognizing Dedication

This guest blog is written by Natalie Mulaire, Chair of Klinic’s Board of Directors. Learn a little more about Natalie below:

With 15 years of experiences in the social service sector, Natalie brings governance, advocacy, program design/evaluation, planning, government relations, and partnership development to the Klinic Board of Directors, which she has been a part of since 2011.

Community health provides vital leadership for equitable health delivery; our society needs this kind of leadership. Klinic’s role in community health is essential for a more just society, providing access to many who would otherwise struggle to find equitable health services.

Natalie’s hope and priority is to see Klinic achieve all its goals and to continue this leadership.

Natalie lives in Winnipeg and she loves camping with her partner, visiting every corner of Canada, volunteering for the protection of the environment, gardening and local food security.

Natalie’s Blog:

On November 7th, we held our annual staff and agency recognition event. This event celebrates the long service awards for staff and volunteers at Klinic, who mingle and enjoy snacks and drinks while listening to a live music ensemble at the West End Cultural Centre.  Folks were recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and a remarkable 30 years of service to our organization.

Kathie Timmermann was one of 34 people recognized for their service. Kathie is our Director of Administration and has been with Klinic for 30 years.

As a part of my role as the Chair of Klinic’s Board of Volunteer Directors, I brought greetings and congratulations to all of the service award recipients on behalf of the Board of Directors – I would like to once again publicly acknowledge the dedication of the staff and volunteers being recognized – please see my message from that special night, below:

There are two messages I would like to share with you today. One is a message of celebration and of gratitude for your commitment to your work, your commitment to the community that you serve and to Klinic and its mission. Your commitment and dedication provides an environment of continuity and trust for which the Board of Directors is very thankful. Thank you for your many years of service and your hard work and your passion in the service of the communities that you support.

The second is a message of encouragement. The current environment that Klinic faces and that you as frontline workers certainly face, is one of uncertainty and change. The health system you are working in is undergoing very significant change and I recognize this makes your workday more stressful and challenging. Thank you for your continued attention to the service you provide despite these distractions. Your resilience, sacrifice and extra efforts are acknowledged and appreciated by the Board of Directors.  You make Klinic a safe place during these changing times, thank you so much for that.

For a full list of Klinic’s Board of Directors, please click here.