Public Education & Training

Klinic offers Public Education and Training on a variety of topics for community groups and professionals. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of the group or organization. These workshops are presently offered off site on a request basis.

Please contact:  Sylvia at (204) 784-4066    for more information.


In Winnipeg: Training is offered on an honorarium basis with all monies received going directly to Klinic Community Health. The honorarium amount is at the discretion of the group arranging training.
Outside of Winnipeg: Training is available outside of Winnipeg and it is the responsibility of the group requesting the training to cover all mileage or flight costs (mileage at $0.43/kilometre), accommodation (if required), and per diem costs ($47/day) as well as the trainer’s fee of $250/day for each trainer. It is also up to the group requesting training to arrange a suitable space for the workshop. Depending on the location and length of the training, two trainers may be required. Please speak with Sylvia if these requirements are a concern for your organization.


Additional topics may be available upon request.

Crisis Counselling Skills

This workshop aims to educate participants on the basics of crisis theory and to teach communication skills necessary for crisis intervention. Activities in the workshop include defining crisis, reactions to being in crisis, crisis development, and a crisis intervention counselling model will be covered as well. Role plays may also be incorporated, time permitting.

Workshops Scheduled at Klinic

Klinic Services

In this brief workshop, participants will learn about Klinic’s vision, mission & values, be provided a brief history of the organization, and learn about the different services that Klinic offers, including health services, counselling services, and community health & education programs.

Mental Health Awareness

This workshop aims to provide participants with basic knowledge on the topic of mental health and mental illness. Participants will learn about the four quadrants of mental health, the recovery process, and be able to differentiate between mental health and mental illness. Participants will also explore values and attitudes surrounding mental illness and understand the effects of stigma.

Self Care & Stress Management

This workshop is designed to have participants reflect on their own self care and explore strategies and concepts that could be built into their self care practice. In this workshop participants will also learn about mindfulness, self-compassion, the risks & red flags for vicarious trauma (trauma exposure response), and protective factors and strategies. Experiential activities are incorporated into the workshop, including mindfulness activities. This workshop can be adapted for community groups.


In this workshop participants will explore what self-injury is and basic information that a service provider may want to know when supporting a client who is using self injury, such as: the prevalence of self-injury, common forms of self-injury, characteristics, and reasons why people may use self-injury. Trauma-informed practices, and guideline & suggestions for interventions will also be discussed.