Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling

An unplanned pregnancy can lead to physical and emotional struggles, including depression and crisis. Klinic’s Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling services are provided by a reproductive health nurse who can guide and advise you on the multitude of decisions you will need to face.

Our nurses can help determine timing of pregnancy and clarify the options available to you. If you choose to abort the pregnancy, we can also help prepare you and provide referral services.

Additional Resources:

Options for prenatal care:

  • Women’s Outpatient Department, 735 Notre Dame, any age: (204) 787-1781
  • St. Boniface Hospital, ACS: (204) 237-2285
  • Family Medicine Obstetrics Network: (204) 235-3925
  • Northern Connections Medical Centre, 425 Elgin Ave: (204) 940-8777
  • Birth Centre, 603 St. Mary’s Road (Women’s Health Clinic): (204) 594-0900
  • Midwifery, central intake: (204) 947-2422 ext 307
  • Mothering Project, Mount Carmel Clinic: (204) 582-2311

Options to access abortion services:

  • Women’s Hospital Pregnancy Counselling Centre, 735 Notre Dame: (204) 787-1980
  • Women’s Health Clinic, 419 Graham: (204) 947-1517

Healthy Baby Manitoba:

Programs and forms are available at (204) 945-1301 or Healthy Child Manitoba.