Volunteering With Klinic

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Klinic.

Volunteers bring diversity and make an important contribution to our Crisis Program, Sexual Assault Crisis Program, Community Drop-In Counselling Program, and Teen Talk Peer Support Program. In fact, we couldn’t operate these critical services in their current capacity without the help of our volunteers.

Klinic volunteers come from all walks of life. You don’t need to have any special training or experience to join our team. Most importantly, we look for people who are empathic, non-judgmental, and understand the importance of self-care while doing this difficult work.

Both our Winnipeg and Brandon sites offer the opportunity to volunteer in our Crisis Program. Our Winnipeg sites also offer the opportunity to volunteer in our Sexual Assault Crisis Program, Community Drop-In Counselling Program, and Teen Talk Peer Support Program.

Crisis Program – Winnipeg and Brandon

Volunteer counsellors in the Crisis Program provide telephone crisis counselling on our 24-hour Crisis Line and Manitoba Suicide Line. They provide emotional support, referrals to resources, and space for our callers to feel heard, understood, and connected.  Read more…….

Sexual Assault Crisis Program (SACP) – Winnipeg only

SACP volunteer counsellors provide telephone, in-person, and follow-up crisis counselling. They also provide support and advocacy with medical and legal issues to people who have experienced a sexual assault. This could include support and advocacy with the police, at the hospital or court, or any other appointment related to the sexual assault.  Read more…..

Community Drop-In Counselling Program (CDCP) – Winnipeg only

Please note: Volunteer intake registration for this program is currently closed.

Volunteers in the Community Drop-In Counselling Program (CDCP) provide in-person counselling to people ages 13 and older on a wide variety of issues. Clients are typically seen for a one-time Drop-In session; however there are opportunities for experienced volunteers to offer short-term counselling as well.  Read More……..

Teen Talk Peer Support Program – Winnipeg

Peer supporters are young people who provide support to other young people by listening, supporting, referring, and giving information & resources.

Peer Support volunteers may participate in projects and activities with the Teen Talk Peer Support Program as well as reach out to peers in their community or school to provide accurate information, resources, and links to services. They are the bridge for connecting their peers with what they need.  Read more……