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About Us

Team Approach

  • As a health care team, we will work with you to help you achieve your transition needs
  • The Trans Health Klinic provides consultation, medical, and psychosocial supports for Transgender clients
  • Our care is tailored based on your need

Specialty Clinic

  • We provide care to Trans individuals > 16 1/2 years of age seeking transitioning care (hormone start and surgery)
  • We provide care to all individuals who fall under the Transgender and/or Non-binary umbrella: inclusive of Two-spirit, Agender, Bigender, Genderqueer, Gender fluid, and more. All are welcome!
  • Once you reach your transition needs, we will transfer care to your primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner). Your primary care provider will continue to prescribe and adjust your hormone therapy, and they can do this while you are seeing us for care as well
  • We DO NOT provide primary care, urgent care, or emergency care.
  •  For example, if you have a sore throat or need medical disability forms, we would ask you to see your family doctor or nurse practitioner
  • If you have an urgent or emergent concern, we would ask you to go to urgent care or emergency care
  • We require our clients to have a primary care provider, for example a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor.
  • If you do not have a primary care provider, please contact:
    Family Doctor Finder

(list of trans friendly primary care providers available)

Teaching Clinic

• We believe that having student learners at Klinic helps future Manitoba health providers understand the transgender community’s needs in the larger health care system
• At times, student health providers may provide patient care under the supervision of Trans Health program’s health care providers
• We will always ask your permission before you are seen by a health care learner. If you are uncomfortable with being seen by a student, please let us know. We will respect your decision, no questions asked
• If your primary care provider needs support and guidance in terms of hormone prescribing and primary care services (eg: pap test, prostate exam, breast exam, etc.), they can send an e-consult or letter to a TH medical practitioner 

Trans Health Klinic Team

Journey at Trans Health Klinic

Intake Process

Gender Affirming Procedures/Surgeries

Feminizing Procedures/Surgeries

Clients must pay up front for their transportation costs to Montreal. Keep receipts & plane tickets for reimbursement by Manitoba Health.

Masculinizing Procedures/Surgeries

Clients must pay up front for their transportation costs to Montreal. Keep receipts & plane tickets for reimbursement by Manitoba Health.

Referrals for surgeries

Please consider all the risks associated to the surgeries. We ask that you do your research about the surgeries before asking for a referral.

  • Please refer to the GRS Montreal website: about lower/bottom surgeries
  • Please speak with fellow trans community members about the results of the surgeries.
  • Please contact our Trans Peer Supporter if you need to be connected to trans community members

Manitoba Health requires a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria (GD) for surgeries to be funded.

  • Manitoba Health requires referral 1 letter by your Klinic medical practitioner & 1 referral letter psychologist to confirm GD
  • Your medical practitioner will refer you to the psychologist if you ask for a surgery referral
  • Your psychologist will perform an in-depth assessment for surgical readiness
  • Your referrals will be sent to the surgeon and Manitoba Health

There are two types of referrals:

  • In province referrals- procedures are performed in Manitoba
  • Out of province referrals- procedures are performed in Montreal

Free Resources at Klinic

Binder Exchange

Klinic has a selection of used chest binders to donate/exchange .

Please ask us about available sizes.

Please consider donating your gently used chest binder if you no longer need it.

Transgender Information and Question/Answer Session

Who: New clients, current clients, questioning clients, support person(s), providers also welcome

When: TBA

Where: Klinic on 870 Portage Avenue, Basement in room B10

What: Session will cover team approach, our services, provider roles, intake process, procedure/surgery coverage, referrals, community resources, question & answer

Facilitated by: Nurse, Peer Supporter, Social Worker

Transgender Hormone Injection Education Session

Who: Clients needing support with their hormone injections, all genders welcome!

When: All year, 1st Friday of every month, 3:00 pm-4:30 pm, no appointment needed *THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED*

Where: Klinic on 870 Portage Avenue, Basement in room B6

What: learn about equipment, injection skills, coping with anxiety around injecting, demonstration, practice injection on fake surface

Facilitated by: Nurse, Peer Supporter, Social Worker

Counselling Support

You may find it helpful to seek counselling support as you transition. You can seek formal counselling from a variety of community counselling programs, from workplace insured counselling programs (eg: Blue Cross Employee Assistance Program “EAP”), or from Trans Health social workers.

Additional Resources

Community Resources

Transmasculine and nonbinary welcome package (updated Nov 2019)

Masculinizing Effects / Expected Time Course (PDF) 

Transfeminine and nonbinary welcome package (updated Nov 2019)

Feminizing Effects and Expected Time Course (PDF)

Voice Training Information Sheet (PDF)

Hormone Injection  Education Sessions Poster (PDF)

Primed – A Sex Guide for Trans Men into Men (PDF)

Brazen – Trans Women’s Safer Sex Guide (PDF)

Community Resource List