Klinic Launches New App for Managing Stress, Saving Lives

A new mobile app created by Klinic Community Health Centre (Klinic) and the Winnipeg Suicide Prevention Committee to help people cope with the stresses of life and prevent suicide is now available free of charge to all Manitobans just in time for the Holiday season, Klinic’s Executive Director Nicole Chammartin announced today.

Entitled Calm in the Storm, the new app is an innovative approach to help Manitobans manage stress, promote resilience and good mental health, and prevent suicide. The Manitoba government, Winnipeg Foundation and Western Financial Group through its Western Communities Foundation all provided support to this initiative.

“While stress is a normal part of life, we know that too much stress can be harmful,” said Healthy Living and Seniors Minister Deanne Crothers. “We are pleased to support Klinic in this initiative focused on keeping Manitobans of all ages healthy and safe, a focus our government shares.”

Ms. Chammartin noted that Klinic staff has been working to ensure the new app would be ready in time for the holiday season, a time when people are often more attuned to how stressed they actually feel.

Unfortunately, people are not always paying attention to their stress levels at other times of theyear,whichcanleadtointenseandprolongedstress. Insomesituations,prolongedstress along with other risk factors, can potentially result in suicidal thoughts. This is why one of the key features of this app provides tips on how individuals with suicidal thoughts can keep themselves safe.

Some of the other unique features of the Calm in the Storm app are that the user can;

  • Receive personalized recommendation;
  • Listen to self-calming practices;
  • Customize the experience and track progress; and,
  • Create individualized safety plans

“Neglecting our own stress management can lead to painful and sometimes tragic consequences,” said Klinic Director of Counselling Services Tim Wall. “Using proven de-stressing practices such as those in the new app can improve health, happiness, and promote resiliency each and every day.”

Klinic encourages Manitobans to view or download the app by visiting: www.calminthestormapp.com

The Calm in the Strom app was developed with the technical support of Manitoban website and app developers, Tactica Interactive.

For more information on the app, please contact:

Tim Wall
Director of Counselling Services, Klinic Community Health Centre

Mary Jo Bolton
Clinical Director, Klinic Community Health Centre