Sexual Assault Awareness Month – #WeBelieveMB

“Klinic believes in the right of all Manitobans to be free and safe from sexual violence” – Nicole Chammartin, Executive Director Klinic Community Health

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and in order to commemorate this important event, Klinic will be running a month-long campaign to raise awareness, educate and share resources on how to support survivors of sexual assault. The hashtag #WeBelieveMB will be used throughout the month on our social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). We want all Manitobans to know that Klinic believes every survivor that contacts us and we believe in the power of all survivors to heal.  We believe that partners/spouses, family members, and friends also need to be supported during this difficult time and that all Manitobans have a role to play in supporting survivors of sexual assault.

Did you know that:

  • Sexual assault is the only violent crime in Canada that is not declining.
  • In Canada, women are at a greater risk than men for all violent crimes, including sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence
  • LGBTTQ* and non-binary identified individuals are three times more likely than heterosexual cis-gendered Canadians to report that they have been sexually assaulted and more than twice as likely to experience inappropriate sexual behaviours in public, online or at work.

In 1975, Klinic initiated what was then called “Rape Crisis Services.” For over 45 years, the Sexual Assault Crisis Program at Klinic has continued doing this important work to support survivors of sexual assault. Here are ways that we help:

  • Klinic has an in-hospital advocate that is at the hospital to support survivors of sexual assault as soon as they walk into hospital doors at the Health Sciences Centre.
  • Klinic helps survivors of sexual assault by providing counselling and information over the telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (204) 786-8631 Toll Free 1-888-292-7565
  • Klinic provide short-term crisis counselling at no cost, seeing survivors of any gender, ages 12 and up.
  • Klinic will also support ‘secondary survivors’ – partners, family members, and friends – anyone impacted by the sexual assault of someone they care about.
  • Klinic offers 3rd Party Reporting. This is a process where a survivor is able to talk to Klinic to give information about the sexual assault they experienced. Klinic will then speak on their behalf to the police so the survivor does not have to speak directly to the police or make a formal report, if they are not comfortable doing so.

This April, you can help support survivors of sexual assault by donating here:

This April, take part in raising awareness of Sexual Assault.  Share the hashtag #WeBelieveMB to speak out and raise awareness about sexualized violence.