Fuelling Mental Health on Fuel Good Day

Fuelling Mental Health on Fuel Good Day

Winnipeg, Manitoba – On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Red River Co-op will donate five cents of every litre of fuel sold at their gas bars to go directly towards mental health initiatives at Klinic Community Health, focusing on their Trans Health Klinic Program and the Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services support lines. In addition, the Co-op has also pledged to donate one dollar of every Co-operative Coffee and Big Cool sale.

“The impact of the pandemic has and continues to affect the mental health of members of our communities, and Klinic provides many wellness services to support all Manitobans,” said Doug Wiebe, CEO of Red River Co-op.

Klinic Community Health provides a full range of health-related services from medical care to counselling and education. Out of an array of services, their Trans Klinic provides gender affirmation and mental health support for all individuals who fall under the trans and/or non-binary umbrella. Another impactful service is their Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services, which provides telephone and online counselling and support to farmers and rural Manitobans. Proceeds from Fuel Good Day will help build capacity for these programs so more people can access them.

“Klinic is incredibly thankful for the support provided by Red River Co-op and their members and customers. Since the Trans Klinic’s inception in 2009, the number of clients accessing the program has increased year over year, and our funding has not been able to keep up with the demand,” said Stephanie Bevacqua, Director of Development and Engagement, Klinic Community Health. “Our Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Line provides free, confidential and non-judgmental counselling for farmers and rural Manitobans. We know these past few years have been difficult in many ways, and our counsellors help to provide Manitobans with the access to mental health and support services that they require.”

Since Fuel Good Day started in 2017, Red River Co-op has donated over $295,500 to local non-profit organizations, including the Bear Clan Patrol, Siloam Mission, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), and more.

Red River Co-op encourages all members and customers to fuel up at any of Red River Co-op’s 36 gas bars on September 20 to make a difference in the community.

About Red River Cooperative Ltd:

Red River Co-op is a profitable and growing Winnipeg-based retail. Our core business includes gas bars, convenience stores, car washes, food stores, pharmacy, commercial cardlocks and bulk petroleum and propane service. We are owned and governed by more than 320,000 members and share our profits and success with them and the communities they live in.  

About Klinic:

Klinic provides a full range of community health related programs and services to our local community and throughout Manitoba. Services include medical care, counselling and crisis services, wellness and support groups, and education. Driven by our vision of creating healthy and engaged communities, we work with community to promote and support health and quality of life for people of every age, background, ethnicity, gender identity and socio-economic circumstances. Rooted in social justice values, we believe that everyone deserves quality care, support and respect.