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About the Trans Health Klinic 

Team Approach

Specialty Clinic

Client’s Journey at Trans Health Klinic

Our Peer Support Worker, (204) 784-4016, is available for support or questions at any point along your journey.

Transfer of Care

  • Once the client is at a stable dose of their hormone therapy, care will be transferred to their primary care provider
  • Trans health practitioners will send a formal transfer of care letter to primary care providers which details trans health lab monitoring and primary care screening guidelines, and providers are more than welcome to seek further consultation about hormone monitoring and prescribing


  • If you are a health care provider seeking consultation for hormone therapy adjustment or dosing, please fax a letter to Klinic or send an e-consult
  • Since practitioners utilize a shared care model, address the consultation letter as, Attention: Trans Health Klinic Practitioners
  • The available practitioner will consult with you

Trans Health Klinic Learners

  • The trans health klinic promotes capacity building by encouraging health care provider learners to shadow the trans health team

The Basics

Guidelines/Fact Sheets

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Primary Care & Hormone Therapy

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Mental Health 

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Manitoba Health Requirements

  • Manitoba Health requires a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria (GD) by approved practitioners for surgeries to be funded
  • Manitoba Health requires a referral letter by an approved Manitoba Health practitioner AND a referral letter by an approved Manitoba Health psychologist to confirm GD
  • Surgeries can only be funded if clients see Manitoba Health approved surgeons otherwise expenses will be out-of-pocket

Trans Health Klinic Referral Process

  • Step 1: Individuals must become clients at the Trans Health Klinic in order to request for the following referrals: voice therapy, hair removal, top/upper surgery, bottom/lower surgery
  • Step 2: Clients can request for referrals from a Trans Health practitioner during an appointment
  • Step 3: The Trans Health practitioner will complete a psychology checklist to ensure that clients meet the criteria for surgery
  • Step 4: The Trans Health practitioner will refer clients to Trans Health’s in-house psychologist who will perform an in-depth surgical readiness assessment. The client will book their psychology appointment at the Klinic front desk.
    • Our Trans Peer Supporter can provide support if clients have inquiries regarding their psychology appointment
  • Step 5: Clients will attend their psychology appointment. Afterwards, the psychologist will write a psychology report and psychology short letter about the client’s surgical readiness.
  • Step 6: Once the psychology report is complete, the Trans Health practitioner will write their referral letter
  • Step 7: Referral letters by the psychologist and Trans Health practitioner will be sent to the an approved Manitoba Health surgeon and Manitoba Health

Procedure/Surgery/Social Transitioning Coverage

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